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ROSE (picture on the left) founded Better Kitty back in 2010 as a part of her 12+ year dedication to professional cat care. Rose serves homes in the north end of the greater Seattle metro area. She's a big soccer fan who also plays weekly. Go Sounders!

Rose lives in Magnolia with her partner David and cats Aki and Cotton (in the picture with Rose).

Certifications include: a Master's Degree in Animal Behavior from Texas A&M University​, Certified Master Groomer from the Cat Groomers of America Institute, CPR and First Aid for Cats from the Red Cross, the Tellington TTouch® Method Certification.


Whitney with Cat
Rose with Cat

WHITNEY (pictured on the right) met Rose over 2 years ago when Rose was blown-away by Whitney's feline knowledge and cat-handling skills she developed over the past 20+ years. Whitney serves homes in the south end of the greater Seattle metro area. Whitney is an avid gardener and landscaper. She also volunteers to help unowned cats in Seattle receive spayed/neuter services and other care.

Whitney lives in Hillman City with her partner and their three cats: Fufu, Tooney, and Mae Mae (in the picture with Whitney). 

Certifications include: Licensed Veterinary Technician for 10+ years with 8 years of feline-only medicine; Completed annual Continuing Education requirements focused exclusively on feline health, specifically feline behavior, nutrition, and geriatric care; CPR and First Aid for Cats from the Red Cross.

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We come to you! Your home, your cat.

Rose Grooming Cat

For 10 years and counting,
Better Kitty’s mission is
to meet all people and cats
where they are
 in their home
as they are with
compassion and mutual respect. 

We educate and empower so
you and your cat can live your best life together.

“Had our first FANTASTIC visit from Better Kitty yesterday, Whitney is what we've been waiting for. She has an in depth knowledge of cats and it was wonderful to have a conversation about our cat with someone that listens and is fluent in feline. ”


“I can not say enough great things about Rose. Her compassion, patience, & kindness towards our very matted Luna went beyond measure.


“I'm so happy to have listened to the great reviews...Thank you Better Kitty!”


Cat Grooming Service Area

Unfortunately, Rose is not accepting new clients until further notice. Please reach out to your vet's office or a vet near you for help with nails at risk of becoming ingrown, mat removal, sanitary shaves, etc. Those things should be taken care of by your vet's office.


View the map to pick your service area 

Apologies! Whitney is also not accepting new clients until further notice. Please reach out to your vet's office for help with sanitary shaves, mat removal, severe matting, etc. Those issues are of medical significance and are not "routine", they should be addressed by a vet's office.