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Meet Kim

A true animal enthusiast, Kim has three decades of experience raising and caring for many different animal species. Which of course includes felines! She has volunteered with Wildlife New Mexico rehabilitating small animals and has provided accelerated care for her own beloved geriatric felines. As a longtime cat lover and former cosmetologist, becoming a cat groomer is a natural progression and an exciting new journey for Kim!

Kim serves homes in Shoreline as well as the greater North Seattle area.


Kim lives in Shoreline with her partner and their two cats named Maggie (in the picture with Kim) and Callie.

Certifications include: BS in Biology; Masters of Science Animal Biology and Ecology; Wildlife Rehab Volunteer, CPR and First Aid for Cats from the Red Cross.


“Kim arrived on time and she was very pleasant, calm and professional. She gave me some very helpful tips to help me improve the quality of my cats life also. Watching her handle him was amazing. Again, she is very loving, patient and calm with the animals and I now have an understanding of what it looks like to do all four paws. My cat did so much better than I expected (no drama) before I knew it she was done and my cat was overall a pretty happy camper with no growling and no hissing. Kim was very generous with her time and wanted to make sure I got all my questions answered. I can't recommend this groomer high enough, she is a magician with cats"


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