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Hydration Tips for a Better Kitty

The domesticated cat, that we are familiar with today, has ancestry that originates from the desert. Cats have evolved over time to survive in a hot and dry climate, and therefore may not drink still standing water- like from their water dish! In the wild, puddles of water can be rifled with dangerous bacteria and big watering holes attract larger predators. It’s no wonder our beloved felines are not fond of their water bowls! Additionally, our domesticated cat is prone to kidney disease. Therefore, hydration is crucial for all internal organs to function properly, reduces dry skin and dander, and promotes healthy muscle and joints.

Picture of Athena Woods

Here are a few tips that can increase hydration and make your cat a Better Kitty!!


  • Offer more canned/wet food options

  • Add a tablespoon or two of water to their wet food -especially for pate types

  • Provide a water fountain -may be useful if your cat likes to drink from a faucet

  • Change out and refresh their water daily

  • Conduct a deep cleaning and scrubbing of their water bowl or fountain at least once a week to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria



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