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Seasonal Allergies or what?!? Final Post

Alright, now that we have confirmed it’s seasonal allergies, here are some simple handy tips to help reduce your cat’s allergies and prevent a potential sinus infection. 

  1. Regularly clean all kitty beds and sleeping areas, this also includes your bedding! That’s right wherever your cat likes to sit, hang out or sleep- should be washed at least once a month with hot soapy water and once a week during high pollen and mold blooms. If the bedding cannot be washed, throw a cover over top that can be easily washed or vacuumed. These areas include couches and cat trees. Dust and wipe down hard surfaces your cat touches. Cats' fur is like a giant dust mop. Any fine particulate matter such as dust, dander, pollen, and mold will stick to their fur and your cat has to clean that gunk off by licking it. Yuck!! In addition, most people are not generally allergic to cats and dogs specifically, they are allergic to all the stuff that their fur picks up. By reducing or eliminating those sources of allergens will prevent your cat from having allergens to collect. Additionally, regular brushing of your cat will reduce those allergens from accumulating on their coat.

  1. Avoid bringing in allergens into your home. Avoid clay litter, and opt for low dust alternatives. All cat litter has some dust, so thoroughly clean the litter box and the surrounding areas weekly. This will reduce the accumulation of dust within the home. Enjoy recreational smoking outside or away from your cat. If you choose to smoke indoors, regularly clean the nearby surfaces as these areas will collect smoke residue over time. Finally, check your exhaust fan in your kitchen and clean or replace it often to ensure the proper removal of the cooking fumes.


  1. If it is affordable, get an air filtration system for your home. Our air quality can have smoke from annual wildfires and air pollution that makes us sick- imagine your poor kitty! Quality air filtration systems for the home are becoming more of a necessity and no longer a luxury. 

  1. Finally, brush and wipe down your cat daily. Despite the amount of cleaning we do, some allergens will accumulate onto your cat's fur. A few strokes with a slicker brush when pollen and mold blooms are at their highest are simple tasks to reduce allergens. Wipe your cat at least once if not 2 to 3 times daily with a cat safe cleansing wipe (like a baby wipe, alcohol and fragrance free) or a lightly damp (NOT WET) washcloth. Be sure to launder the washcloth regularly. Doing these two things will wick away any collected allergens and prevent accumulation. In addition, it will also prevent the development of mats and limit the dander that builds up on your cat's body. With these simple tasks you can help your cat become a Better Kitty!!

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