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Seasonal Allergies or what? Part II

So, how do you know if your cat has normal discharge, environmental/seasonal allergies or something else? 

  1. Check your cat’s eyes. A small amount of discharge is normal. Remember boogers come out their eyes not their noses. 

  2. What is the consistency of the discharge? Is it kind of watery? When you gently wipe it away with a soft tissue or a damp cloth, is it colorless? Congratulations, your cat is feeling normal. 

  3. Cats that have sticky boogers with a light green to dark green color may indicate that they have a sinus infection and will need to see a vet right away for treatment. This might be accompanied with occasional sneezing. Delaying treatment, especially for young or elderly cats may progress and become an illness known as “kennel cough”. This affects the lungs and can be lethal when left untreated.

  4. A dark red, waxy residue that can develop around the eyes, mouth, ears and genitals may be a yeast or fungal infection. A vet will need to test the residue to confirm and to prescribe medication. Yeast infections are common in breeds of cats with flat faces or brachycephalic faces, like Persians. Brachycephalic faced cats are not able to thoroughly clean all the crevices (around the face and genital areas) and may have lifelong problems. Daily cleaning and treatment is essential to keeping them healthy and happy. Discuss possible options with your vet or groomer for a daily routine. 

  5. If there is excessive discharge of clear fluid from the eyes then your cat may have feline herpes. This is also known as Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR) and is very common amongst cats. You will need to have this diagnosed by your vet for proper treatment to

  1. be prescribed. 

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