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Plants to Avoid

While my cat Maggie looks adorable with the mini rose bush in this picture- it's important to remember that most plants are toxic to cats. As the spring weather brings us some beautiful blooms- here is a partial list of common houseplants to avoid keeping in your home. These plants are not deadly; however, they can make your cat very sick and some can cause kidney failure in less than a week (specifically the pollen from lilies). Make your cat a Better Kitty by avoiding the costly visit to the vet and prevent a lot of heartache by not exposing them to these plants. Please note: if your cat doesn't eat or bother your plants- that it only takes a few grains of pollen from a lily flower to cause kidney failure. Lilies drop significant amounts of pollen and your cat can accidentally eat some during their self grooming routine. Is it worth the risk?


·      Aloe vera

·      Amaryllis

·      Azalea

·      Bird of paradise

·      Caladium

·      California ivy

·      All lilies, calla, stargazer, peace, lily of the valley, palm, etc

·      Carnation

·      Chamomile

·      Chives

·      Chrysanthemum

·      Corn plant

·      Cyclamen

·      Daffodil

·      Dahlia

·      Daisy

·      Devil’s ivy

·      English ivy

·      Gardenia

·      Garlic

·      Geranium

·      Giant dracaena

·      Gladiolus

·      Hyacinth

·      Hydrangea

·      Iris

·      Jade

·      Larkspur

·      Lavender

·      Oleander

·      Onion

·      Philodendron

·      Sego palm

·      Snake plant

·      Tulip

·      Wisteria


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